Why Advertise on Projectionfreak.com?

I started Projectionfreak as a place to show off the world of large-format projection, LED walls, and the creative use of projection in the entertainment industry. We feature timely articles on media servers, projection technology, software and hardware based projection control, and of course, the gear that supports all that.

Projectionfreak serves a very specialized market. The people that visit here are usually experts in the field, highly educated, and have a very specific understanding of the live entertainment industry. The site reaches 2000 people globally per month, 60% of which are in the US. This may not seem like a lot, but the site has been active for only 9 months and it will only grow. That is certainly my intention and hope.

Our most searched tags are on the right- and they generate a fair amount of traffic for the site.

If you think advertising on Projectionfreak would benefit your projection-related business, live entertainment trade magazine, or company- or if any of the tags on the right would drive traffic to your site,  I have some very reasonable opportunities to offer. All manner of banners, boxes, and leaderboards are on the table.
If you’re a manufacturer and would like to have gear reviewed, sold, or otherwise shown-off- contact us and we can discuss those options. I’d love nothing more than to help your business help mine.

Contact Projectionfreak at admin-at-projectionfreak.com Thanks for your interest.